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Love the Kids Rwanda Organization is strongly committed to protecting the rights of children and youth with vulnerable and intersecting vulnerabilities because of different heart-breaking factors. Violence against children and young people is a fundamental violation of their rights. Sexual, physical and emotional violence have a devastating impact on health and happiness and prevent children and youth from contributing to societies to their full potential.


Through our education programme, we provide fully-funded scholarships for its most-selected children to attend schools at both nursery, primary and secondary levels. Love the Kids Rwanda support sponsored children to access good and affordable education at school by covering their school fees and other scholastic materials. To better sustain this programme, Love the Kids Rwanda team visits sponsored children regularly at their schools and provide advices to where they fail in classes while offering mentoring and coaching during holidays. Interestingly, Love the Kids Rwanda team organize the “after-school program” that regularly happens every week-end and holidays by combining all children to access different initiatives that help them to become better persons and productive members in the community.


Love the Kids Rwanda works hand-in-hand with the families of children to further promote the living conditions at the family level through in-person visits, saving groups, workshops and trainings.