The After-School Program has been established with the aim to create a safe space to enrich children's potentials while providing several structural activities. These include providing academic enrichment, developing their interests through arts, music, sports and recreation, and teaching life skills. This program takes place every weekend and during school vacations. The programs during vacations are crucial because with free time and boredom, children are often at higher risk, but having a structured program and opportunity to have fun and learn will help them to develop and grow.  This program offers new experiences to school aged children such as introducing them to community service, service-learning, apprenticeships and mentoring opportunities. Through interactions with other children, they will develop important social skills. Children will also have the opportunity to interact with supportive adults and build continuous positive relationships.  Interactions with adults are very important for students as many of them have had negative experiences with the adults in their lives, so knowing they have a trusted adult to confide in and learn from is very important for development. We hope to strengthen, nurture, and empower children so they can live healthy, engaged and fulfilled lives.