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Love the Kids Rwanda exist to ensure that violence, neglect, exploitation and abuse no longer affect children in homes, families, schools, communities or any other place where children could need to stay and feel safe. According to United Nations Children’s Fund Rwanda Office (UNICEF Rwanda), violence against children happens anytime and anywhere but that is a fundamental violation of children’s rights. Sexual, physical and emotional violence have a devastating impact on health and happiness and prevent children and youth from contributing to societies to their full potential. In Rwanda, over half of all girls and six out of ten boys experience some form of violence during childhood. Children are usually abused by people they know – parents, neighbors, teachers, romantic partners or friends. Only around 60 per cent of girls in Rwanda who are victims of violence tell someone about it, and the rate is even lower for boys. In many cases, children and young people do not seek help because they feel violence is their fault or is not a problem. Many also believe that women should tolerate violence, especially to keep the family together, and that men should hold the power in sexual relationship. Violence causes emotional scars that often last much longer after the physical scars fade. When children are victims of violence, they are more likely to abuse other children and to carry this violent behavior into adulthood. Violence during childhood can also lead to mental distress, early pregnancy, sexual risk-taking, and even thoughts of suicide.

According to the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion, the Government of Rwandan has committed to place the family at the center of development, and as a pre-requisite to achieve equitable and sustainable development for country at large. This is manifested by the inclusion of family promotion and support commitments as a cross-cutting theme in Economic Development and Poverty Strategy (EDPRS) as well as the Rwanda Constitution of 2003 revised in 2015, in its article 18 which stipulates that the family is the natural foundation of the Rwandan society and it is protected by the State.

So, please join Love the Kids Rwanda to take actions that fight against the violence inflicted on children and youth, and to promote the welfare of a family in Rwanda.