The Child Scholarship Project, launched in 2017, is a sustainable initiative dedicated to investing in children’s education. We recognize the formative nature of education in children’s lives. The project involves  a collaboration between Love the Kids Rwanda team and individual donors or committed organizations to provide fully-funded scholarships. These scholarships benefit highly-selected but vulnerable children and allow them to enroll in primary and secondary schools. The selection of children to receive scholarships is highly competitive and well-informed. Through this project, Love the Kids Rwanda collaborates with sponsors and partnering schools to identify any challenges that beneficiaries may face in order to  ensure that support is provided on time. At the end of every academic semester, the organization reports back to all donors about the scholars’ performance and areas of improvement. This communication between our project and the donors ensures that the donors are aware of the impact they are making on children’s lives. These scholarships truly change the lives of these children, allowing them to access opportunities they would have thought impossible, all through the donor’s generosity and the scholars’ hard work.