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Love the Kids Rwanda focuses on offering distinguished activities including for example, but not limited to: community education, family planning, servant leadership, business development or creativity for innovation to interested community residents, freely and openly.

Within the Community Outreach programme, Love the Kids Rwanda goals are to: advocate for the rights of children with families living under poverty by addressing all hypotheses which may results in the “street children” status, to encourage children to live with Kinyarwanda norms and values, and to train the families of children living under poverty to be self-reliant.

Prior, Love the Kids Rwanda works to strengthen partnership with different healthcare providers to provide a combination of medical or counselling assistance. In addition, Love the Kids Rwanda commits to pay for the annual medical insurance for sponsored children. Interestingly Love the Kids Rwanda implements the projects that create impacts in respect to children nutrition and hygiene sanitation, children’s literacy and children stunting, and more. Psychological support and guidance is also provided to the parents or guardians of children who face distinguished problems so as to receive possible solutions.